Interactive Map

The Interactive Map allows you to explore the documents contained within Leisure, Travel & Mass Culture: The History of Tourism geographically, narrowing your searches by region and country. You can select countries visually with the help of the animated globe.

To explore the globe, use your mouse to drag and spin it and select the countries you are interested in. You can select multiple countries and regions at a time.

The results list will include all documents which have been indexed as containing significant content pertaining to the country or countries selected.

As the material in the collection dates from the 1800s to the modern day, we have recognised that some items will refer to geographic areas by former names and older boundaries. This has been taken into account and documents relating to old names and boundaries will be included in results for the modern geographical region.

Screenshot of the 'Explore' landing page, showing the thumbnail links to the 'Interactive World Map', 'Essays', 'The Business of Travel', 'Eyewitness Travels', 'External Links' and 'Search Directories'.

Screenshot of the Interactive World Map, showing a globe. The regions are colour coded on the globe and countries that appear in two regions show up in both selections (and both colours). Users can find results for specific countries either by clicking on the list of regions at the top or by manually spinning the globe and clicking on the desired area. Hovering over a region with your mouse will highlight it.


Screenshot of the chronology page zoomed into the 'Europe' region. This is found by clicking on 'Europe' at the top of the main chronology page or by selecting the region on the globe itself. Once on this page users can select individual countries found in the selected region by clicking on them in the map or by selecting them from the list at the top. Once countries have been selected, users can then click on the 'Search Collection' button in the top right-hand corner to find relevant document results in the main collection.

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